Tales from The Longview #1: Enter The Death Circus

Tales from The Longview #1: Enter the Death Circus

Tales from The Longview #1: Enter the Death Circus

MEET THE LONGVIEW – An Ancient Spaceship Resurrected To Transport Conspiracy
Inhabited by a crew of misfits fleeing nightmare pasts, with a cargo of Condemned slated to die at the hands of the highest bidders, and with a passenger roster made up exclusively of people NOT who they claim to be, The Longview serves the hidden agenda of an eccentric recluse bent on playing puppetmaster to all of Settled Space.

Condemned to death for the crime of love, a nameless criminal is purchased by the Death Circus; a crewman’s hard-won promotion derails his plans; and, his ally pays a steep price for competence.

Coming in EPISODE TWO: The Selling of Suzee Delight
Suzee Delight, reigning Pact Worlds courtesan, murders the five senior Pact Worlds administrators during a private summit, and while The Longview Death Circus fights for the rights to execute her; people from across Settled Space—spurred by interference from the mysterious City of Furies—rise up to protest the execution.

About Tales from The Longview

These (planned) six stories will tell of the events happening Settled Space between the end of WARPAINT and the beginning of THE WISHBONE CONSPIRACY, and pick up with a character important to Cady who is living aboard the Longview under an assumed identity in Episode 1.

Episode 6 will connect the events on the Longview to the discovery that kicks off THE WISHBONE CONSPIRACY.

Episode 1: Enter the Death Circus, is now available on Amazon.


Moment — The WARPAINT Theme Song

Writing this song is how I worked my way to writing the scene where Cady, alone on her ship, faces what she’s going to have to do…and become…if everything she loves is to survive.

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WARPAINT: Darkout is coming. And Cady's coming with it...

WARPAINT: Darkout is coming. And Cady’s coming with it…

WARPAINT is now LIVE! (Yes, I’m excited. 😀 )

No place to run, no place to hide…

The job sounded simple enough; locate a space miner’s missing wives. Quick. Easy. Painless. As a professional finder of lost things, Cadence Drake has learned in the hardest way imaginable that there’s no such thing as a quick or easy job. For the past year, pain has been her constant companion, and death her only refuge.

When she falls into the middle of a horror that portends the end of trillions of human lives, and everything that human beings have created throughout settled space, she seeks the last people who know that she’s still alive, looking for a way to fight the unthinkable evil she’s discovered.

Now she and four special ex-slaves face off against the end of all worlds, giving themselves to the thing they most fear in order to save what they most love. They’re outnumbered billions-to-five, and they might already be too late.

Darkout is coming.

And Cady’s coming with it….

WARPAINT debuts at $5.99 in ebook format. I’ve decided not to follow the trend with $9.99 or higher front-list books. Or even $7.99.

My front-list novels (new books) will generally be $5.99 for a 100,000 word novel (which WARPAINT is). When I get to writing
REDBIRD, if it runs the same length as TALYN and HAWKSPAR (over 200,000 words) I’ll price it higher.

And you can also save $2.00 off the price of the print version (regular price 19.99) by going to this link:

WARPAINT print version:

…and entering this coupon code when you add the book to your cart:


The ebook links for WARPAINT are:

My site:


Barnes & Noble:

It’s NOT available on iBooks. I uploaded it, Apple hasn’t accepted it and also hasn’t let me know there’s a problem with it, so I’m guessing it’s going to be one of the many books I’ve uploaded that have simply never shown up. I’m very sorry; I wish I could MAKE it appear there, but I can’t.

Version Two of my Minecraft maps is now available as a free download. This version includes the (still incomplete, because I haven’t written
the next book yet) version of the space station, as well as the space ships.


Finally, if you want the print version of HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD, the WARPAINT print version coupon will also give you $2.00 off on that book.
(I JUST learned how to do coupons on CreateSpace! :D)

Go here:
HTCB print version:

The songs are delayed due to technical difficulties, but will be tucked away in the private download page linked at the back of the book when I
finish them.

I’ll let you know as soon as they’re available.
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Early Bird savings for folks on the list

Folks on the Cadence Drake Novels update list will get first notice when the ebook versions of Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood go live (and a very time-sensitive discount).

If you want to get the book earliest, sign up now. Not even I know when the email will go out, because I don’t know what time I’ll get back my “book is live” notices from Amazon, B&N, and Apple.

I will not be offering any “I missed the email” held-over discounts. These will only be available as long as they’re on the sites.

Questions About (and for) Cady

Already read Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood? Have a question about Cady, the other folks in Settled Space, her past, her future?  Ask here, and I’ll do my best to make sure I tie up lose ends and answer your questions in future novels.

Have something you want to ask her directly? Read the [From Cady] emails (sign up above if you’re not a Cady Fan yet). And check out entries in the Cady Herself topic, for when she drops by unannounced.