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Already read Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood? Have a question about Cady, the other folks in Settled Space, her past, her future?  Ask here, and I’ll do my best to make sure I tie up lose ends and answer your questions in future novels.

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Questions About (and for) Cady — 21 Comments

  1. Seeking to pry more time and money out of my slow season this year for books, and interested in more of your work. Okay, actually, I was holding out for Redbird, but I understand the process you face.

    However, in my seldom-sought and never-valued opinion, the Cady covers are, well, lurid. I like all your other cover art, but what always kills my interest in Cady has been the Barberella-esque blonde mesomorph on the cover.

    I know that tastes vary, opinions are free, mine are odd, and it is said that one should not judge a book by its cover. However, I offer my two cents worth, even without the offer of a penny for my thoughts, for the simple reason that I never heard of Holly Lisle until I saw the cover for Hawkspar.

    I understand the gap between self-pub and the art dept of a publishing house, but I also see some of your capability. Looking forward to much more in the future.

    • In this instance, Cady, who is a genetically engineered young black woman with blonde hair and blue eyes from one father, Asian features from a second father, and something she’s never been able to pin down from a third father (she was engineered by the guy her mother hired to double all her recessives—it’s part of the backstory) looks like that. Because of technology, she’s capable of modifying her appearance, but by WARPAINT, she’s discovered that it’s much easier to use her cleavage to distract people from the presence of her dangerous mind.

      The artist I hired to do the covers gave me exactly the art I was looking for—and exactly the deceptive appearance Cady uses to her advantage. 😀

  2. Hi Holly,

    I originally bought HtCB when doing your course, HTTS. It was available quiet cheap for us students.

    Recently, I have been reading how you released HtCB again. Is this version different from the version you had in the student board, and the new one?


    • This version has been much better edited, includes links to some cool freebies inside the book, includes a new foreword, and is available in print, Kindle, epub, and PDF versions. The story is the same, though.

  3. Hi, I just bought Warpaint online and am trying to figure out how to see/go to/experience the Minecraft value added. Can you help me?

  4. [“My real name is stupid, so I named myself.”

    “Me, too,” I said, though until just that instant, I hadn’t. But giving yourself a name you actually liked sounded so grown-up. So I picked my favorite paratenka player, and said, “I’m Cadence. Like the drumbeat. The Drake part I came up with later.]”
    So… what was her REAL name as a child… before she named herself?
    Did I overlook that bit of information?

    • Tanasha. I’m pretty sure it was in Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood. And she hated the name because of what it said about her relationship with her mother. The WHY of that is pretty cool…and part of a later book. So, no spoilers.

    • Well, I don’t play bass or drums. Just guitar. I have one song that I’m waiting to record that would benefit from drums, at least…but the drums would be canned loops on the Mac, and the idea doesn’t thrill me.

  5. Love HTCB and Warpaint. Two questions:
    1. How long until I get my next Cady fix with Wishbone?
    2. Where do I refind the scene in which she’s set her room gravity to 3 and the bad guy is squished under his own weight? Know I’ve read it somewhere but darned if I can find it again.

    Thanks. And please don’t take too long away from writing Wishbone to answer these! :-) x

    • Hi, Sarah—

      First, the missing scene with the room at gravity 3 is from the book where Tangerine shows up again. (The guy who died in that room fell down and couldn’t get up because of the gravity, but the gravity didn’t kill him. He poisoned himself rather than let Cady capture him.

      That was the book, still untitled, that I thought was the second book in the series, until I realized that in HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD, I broke the entire series with a bit of sloppy worldbuilding. WARPAINT and the upcoming THE WISHBONE CONSPIRACY fix the worldbuilding while revealing a deep, deadly conspiracy. The book that original first chapter was in is still coming.

  6. Hi, I just read Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood, and am about to buy Warpaint. I really love the character Cady and this universe, and from the notes at the back of the first book in the kindle edition, it sounded like there had been more Cadance stories in the past, like a prequel to Hunting? Are these older books you have written, or stories that have not made it onto paper yet? If they are written, do you know where I could find them? If not, please write more! I really love your writing.

    Thanks, Sarah

    • I’m writing the Longview series of novelettes and novellas, the last one of which will tie back into Cady’s life. When I’m done with that (because of contractual issues I only recently discovered regarding two other books I thought I would be writing), I’ll start in on THE WISHBONE CONSPIRACY.

    • At the point where I wrote that afterword, HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD and WARPAINT were it. I’d planned a massive series around the world, but never got to write it.

      With the advent of good indie publishing, I’m writing it now. The Longview Series (either six or seven novelettes and novellas) is the next installment, and takes place after WARPAINT but before THE WISHBONE CONSPIRACY.

  7. I have a question about HftCB, a plot detail that’s been bugging me: WHY did the vampires on Fortune’s Favor turn on Fedara Contei? For that matter, what was she doing on that ship in the first place?

    Loved the book, and just downloaded Warpaint. Looking forward to a long series of Cady books!

    • Hi, Steve.

      The answer to your question would be a spoiler—I built into the series back when I wrote the first book as something I would pick up in a later book. I haven’t had a chance to write the later book yet.

  8. Hi Holly I recently bought your Enter the Death Circus and it’s says it comes after warpaint and between your third novel. I was wondering do I need to read the first novel before I read enter the death circus?

    • Hi, Rebecca Anne. The Longview stories are separate, and can be read without reading the first two books——though you will miss the significance of two characters’ appearances at the end of the final episode in the Longview series if you’ve missed the first two.

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