Early Bird savings for folks on the list

Folks on the Cadence Drake Novels update list will get first notice when the ebook versions of Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood go live (and a very time-sensitive discount).

If you want to get the book earliest, sign up now. Not even I know when the email will go out, because I don’t know what time I’ll get back my “book is live” notices from Amazon, B&N, and Apple.

I will not be offering any “I missed the email” held-over discounts. These will only be available as long as they’re on the sites.


Join us. Get snippets, surprises, and early buyer intro prices on the books!


Early Bird savings for folks on the list — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Holly,
    Glad to hear about Cady. Looking forward too the books.

    I try to add myself to your list, but cannot due to the fact that aweber is blocked by the ships system while deployed. Would you be able to manually add my email address?

    Thank you, Ken

    • One of the reasons folks like me use Aweber is that it keeps us legal—we cannot manually add anyone to our list without them being able to consent, which is a requirement of anti-spam laws. And the only way you can consent to receive e-mails is that Aweber, the third party, sends an email to you with a link that you click proving that you requested the emails, and have given your consent, and that this transaction occurred without any manipulation by me.

      There’s no way around it—if there were, I wouldn’t be able to prove I’m not a spammer.

      But it means I cannot sign you up. :(

    • I can’t. I use Aweber to do two things: to send out large numbers of emails to folks who request them, and to prove I’m not a spammer, by using a service that conforms to ALL the anti-spam laws.

      I use double-opt in, which means people sign up for the list, and then receive a return email from Aweber with a link that they click to prove that they were the people who requested my emails, and that they still want them.

      There is no way to cheat on double-opt in—if there were, it would be useless if I ever have to PROVE I don’t spam.

      But it leaves you out of the loop. I’m very sorry.

  2. I didn’t know where the best place was to post this, but I am having trouble over at the sign-up page. The box where my email is supposed to go is black, and won’t register my email.
    You can erase this comment if it’s in the wrong place!

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