Tales from The Longview #1: Enter The Death Circus

Tales from The Longview #1: Enter the Death Circus

Tales from The Longview #1: Enter the Death Circus

MEET THE LONGVIEW – An Ancient Spaceship Resurrected To Transport Conspiracy
Inhabited by a crew of misfits fleeing nightmare pasts, with a cargo of Condemned slated to die at the hands of the highest bidders, and with a passenger roster made up exclusively of people NOT who they claim to be, The Longview serves the hidden agenda of an eccentric recluse bent on playing puppetmaster to all of Settled Space.

Condemned to death for the crime of love, a nameless criminal is purchased by the Death Circus; a crewman’s hard-won promotion derails his plans; and, his ally pays a steep price for competence.

Coming in EPISODE TWO: The Selling of Suzee Delight
Suzee Delight, reigning Pact Worlds courtesan, murders the five senior Pact Worlds administrators during a private summit, and while The Longview Death Circus fights for the rights to execute her; people from across Settled Space—spurred by interference from the mysterious City of Furies—rise up to protest the execution.

About Tales from The Longview

These (planned) six stories will tell of the events happening Settled Space between the end of WARPAINT and the beginning of THE WISHBONE CONSPIRACY, and pick up with a character important to Cady who is living aboard the Longview under an assumed identity in Episode 1.

Episode 6 will connect the events on the Longview to the discovery that kicks off THE WISHBONE CONSPIRACY.

Episode 1: Enter the Death Circus, is now available on Amazon.



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