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Yesterday was chaos, site issues over on HollysWritingClasses.com, and constant interruption, so while I worked on the book, I didn’t hit my word goal. I did get 1391 words, which is still good. Today, though… Today was pure joy. I got 2542 words that just flew off my fingertips, and made me laugh as they […] Read more

Here’s what I did yesterday for Marketing Tuesday: A new cover for Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood: A new cover for Warpaint: And I worked on getting the books out wide. Not done yet, but I’ll work on that more today. TODAY… The first thing I did was get 2187 new words on Tori and her […] Read more

DEAD MAN’S PARTY Last week I wrote a stand-alone ending for Dead Man’s Party. This week, because I had one week and one chapter left, I wrote a series ending, and showed how I built out pieces of story that do not exist in the first draft, but that, if I decide I want Dead Man’s […] Read more

Overhauling the site

As you might have guessed (by the fact that everything is broken), I’m overhauling the site. I’m having a miserable, cussing, growling, horrible time of it. On the bright side, the site now loads fast. On the dark side — everyfuckingthing else is dark side. EVERYTHING. The blog is not on its page. The first few […] Read more

While I did not get a lot of words today — we have a bit of nice chaos going on here at the moment — the ones I got were good. First, cookies rear their dangerous heads in my fiction again, this time cookies that apparently have just a hint of magic to them. Second, […] Read more

Had a LOT of things going today, all of which were important, some of which were urgent, and all of which collided with my words. But I did get 1408, and I’m now on Chapter 4. And Tori got her bolt cutters, took the lock off the basement freezer, opened it, closed it again, and […] Read more

To beat the summer doldrums, I’m going to be hosting a Summer of Fiction Writing event on HollysWritingClasses.com (HWC). During this three-month writing party, (June first – August 31st) folks in the free HCW writers’ community: Will focus on helping newer writers create smaller start-to-finish projects written in the months of June, July, and August, […] Read more

First Rewards for my supporters announced on Ko-fi

My Ko-Fi account funds my fiction writing. At the moment it’s funding less than an hour a day, but I am getting close to hitting that first goal. So today I announced the first rewards. Anyone who has funded me on Ko-fi EVER (who is not a family member or one of my indie contractors) […] Read more

I finished another novel today — this one pretty much on schedule. I’d planned it for 50,000 words, and came in at 50,085. Wrote 1847 words in a smidge over a hour to get there. I got a GOOD ending for the novel. Most of the time, great endings are something I build in revision, […] Read more

I made myself cry three times today in the couple hours I was writing my 2056 words. I’m connecting deeply with the magic of a real and remembered place — with a town I loved, with a time I recall with a lot of powerful emotions. I’m dealing with my connection to this story with […] Read more